Plaintiff Lawyers – Manage your business as well as you manage your cases.

Every firm should draft a business plan and then update annually. After a thorough assessment of your needs, priorities, and goals, you can create tailor-made systems and solutions designed to strengthen your business where it needs help most – maybe its managing your finances, case acquisition strategies, marketing or your retirement options. Most firms leave these and the many other challenges facing plaintiff lawyers to chance.

I know that each firm faces unique challenges and opportunities. Use your contacts, networks, and expertise to improve your handling of the business side of law. Arm yourself with the tools and experts you need to manage your firm now and increase your firm’s future outlook immediately. And best of all, no matter how complex your question, help is just a phone call away as there are tens of thousands of plaintiffs lawyers either going through or have gone through similar challenges. Don’t look at every lawyer as a potential competitor, look at them as a potential partner and a pool of knowledge. You should be networking and tapping this resource continuously. You should freely share your experience, knowledge and work to help other trial lawyers and this will improve all fortunes.

Most trial lawyers should consider bringing in business expertise as their time is best spent litigating cases. You may be at a level that requires a full time CFO or just a part-time off-site CFO to manage your firm’s financial growth and cash flow management. You always hire experts to advise and help maximize your clients cases why not afford yourself the same benefit. Sometimes all you need is an expert to use as a sounding board as you deal with the challenges of an unstable market while other times you will may need outside expertise to guide your firm to the next level. Why waste your time and valuable resources on inefficient or nonexistent management? Challenge yourself, your firm to be a strong business first and power your practice to the next level.

Though it may be the nature of a trial lawyer to go it alone, today’s world demands trial lawyers to run their law practice as a business.


About Bill Tilley

Bill Tilley, President and Chief Executive Officer – Bill Tilley is the President and CEO of Amicus Capital Services LLC and is responsible for managing day to day operations, marketing, originations and client relations. In addition Mr. Tilley serves on the credit committee along with the three other members. For the past ten years Mr. Tilley has been devoted to creating and then fine-tuning the legal finance industry. Mr. Tilley joined Themis Capital in 1999, launching the legal finance industry in California. Within two years California became the largest market for legal loans. Mr. Tilley was instrumental in growing Themis from $12 million in loans upon his arrival to more than $135 million in less than 4 years. After successfully winding down the Themis portfolio in 2004, Mr. Tilley became the largest broker of legal financial services while consulting exclusively for Counsel Financial Services through 2006. He continued his devotion to creating a full service financial services company that caters exclusively to the legal community leading to the launch of Amicus Capital Services, LLC in early 2007. In 2008 Mr. Tilley expanded Amicus’ financial offerings to include structured settlement/ fee products as well as financial advisory services. Mr. Tilley has personally originated more than $100 million in attorney loans and has participated in the origination of more than $200 million. Mr. Tilley counts several of the most successful plaintiff attorneys in the country as personal friends and has developed a network that includes thousands of invaluable industry contacts. As an expert on legal finance Mr. Tilley has spoken numerous times at attorney conferences throughout the country. In addition Mr. Tilley was recognized on Public Justices wall of honor for his efforts in promoting the non-profit public interest association.
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