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Pioneer of Legal Finance Launches New Product

Post Settlement Funding to Accelerate Cash Flow

[02.01.10]  – [PR] – In 1999, Bill Tilley launched the legal finance industry in California, helping lawyers and firms get their finances on track with Themis Capital.  Since then, he’s been instrumental in building that industry as the largest provider of legal financial services.  His financial expertise in the area of law grew to include guiding plaintiffs through the settlement process with comprehensive settlement planning.  This devotion to creating a full service financial company for the legal community led to the launch of Amicus Capital Services, LLC.

Now, Bill Tilley and Amicus Capital Services are taking that extra step, launching a new financial product exclusively for Trial Lawyers.  Post Settlement Funding. Amicus Capital Services’ now provides attorneys and plaintiffs with the ability to accelerate cash flow and gain access to the funds you have fought so hard to receive. Your law firm can now advance a portion of your earned legal fee.

“The path to a settlement can be a very difficult process, but achieving the resolution is just the beginning,” says Mr. Tilley.  “Sometimes it can take many months to receive funds from a lawsuit settlement.”

“Too many lawyers and plaintiffs are already stretched thin when the case is finally resolved from the burden of years of litigation.  Amicus’ new fee acceleration product is setup to empower attorneys and plaintiffs with the resources to make it across the finish line.

In addition, the Amicus Capital Services provides the resources necessary to further investigate all of the financial options that are unique to trial lawyers.

“We’re not lawyers,” Mr. Tilley states.  “We’re the pioneers – financial experts that specialize in legal finance and helping law firm’s move up to the next level.  Through the Legal Finance Blog we share with our readers the knowledge gained from over 10 years’ experience in the industry.”

Summary of Requirements to Receive Post-Settlement Funding

Amicus will provide funding for you if you have reached a settlement but have not yet received payment. Amicus will provide post-settlement funding to attorneys and law firm’s for any settled case, regardless of the type of case.

What Do You Need To Provide when Applying For Settled Case Funding For Attorneys or Law Firms?

To apply for post-settlement funding, please obtain the following information:

  • A copy of the executed general release between the plaintiff and the defendant/ insurance carrier
  • Documentation of the attorney’s fees owed
  • Requested amount

Please fax it to (661) 263-2319, or email it to

For questions or more information about post-settlement funding for attorneys, contact Amicus Capital.

  • Post-settlement funding on executed settlement agreements
  • Same day approval
  • Confidential process
  • No upfront fee
  • No monthly payments
  • Competitive rates

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